The right size


How to take your measurements:



A: Cup size

B: Size below breast

Define the right bra size

Firstly, you measure size below the breasts, that will define strap size. To do so, position measure tape horizontally on your rib cage, right below your breasts. This is how the size of the strip is determined (in centimeters): 65, 70, 80, 85, etc. The size of the bra allows a deviation of 2 centimeters in any direction, which means that e.g. size 70 corresponds to the circumference below the chest of 68–72 cm.


Then, you measure your cup size (A). Place the meter in the position of the bra clasp on the back, over the nipples and all the way to the sternum.

When you have both measurements, you need to compare cup size with size below the breasts.

A cup - if the difference between cup size and size below breasts is between 12 - 14 centimeters.

B cup - if the difference is between 14 - 16 centimeters

C cup - if the difference is between 16 - 18 centimeters

D cup - if the difference is between 18 - 20 centimeters

E cup - if the difference is between 20 - 22 centimeters and

F cup - if the difference is between 22 - 24 centimeters

Here is an example: if a customer’s size below bust amounts to 90 centimeters, while her cup size is between 88 and 90 centimeters, the suitable bra size for her will probably be 90D.