About Lisca

Continuous work, love for fashion and respect for the female body have made Lisca lingerie a favorite women choice in more than 40 countries. With a tradition of more than 65 years, Lisca is today one of the leading brands of lingerie and swimwear in Europe.

The story of Lisca began as a dream. Dream about a woman. About her beauty. About comfort. About underwear. This dream began to turn into reality back in 1955 in a small craft workshop. Bras were rare but in high demand at the time, but Lisca’s, thanks to the imagination and skills of a small team, quickly became recognizable.

Lisca's unique creations are synonymous with quality, comfort and a perfect fit for every shape of a woman's body. Every woman here will find the right lingerie for herself in which she will feel confident and feminine. Whether you want to look and feel seductive, bold, feminine or trendy, Lisca has recognized this and supported your individuality and desires through its collections. From the first bra to underwear for special occasions, Lisca will provide you with comfort, elegance and safe quality.

Whether your style is classic, timeless, youthful and playful or gentle and romantic, in the offer of Lisca women's underwear and swimwear you will find ideal models for yourself.



Lisca is recognized as a brand that respects and celebrates every shape of the female body and helps women create and spread a positive image of themselves. In 2018, she launched the ProudToBeMe campaign and through fashion events in the centers of several European cities, emphasized the importance of self-esteem, love for her body and spreading a positive image of the female body and femininity in all sizes and shapes. As part of the international fashion event at the Mare di Moda fair in Cannes, the Lisca brand won the prestigious Creative Excellence Award in 2019, as a great example of a company that successfully combines tradition with current trends, paying great attention to material selection, quality and longevity. , which supports and emphasizes the individuality of each woman.